• Summer Institute Curriculum

    As part of our approach to learning, teaching and advocating for social justice and local civic engagement we hold a week-long Summer Institute. The Institute is tailored to South Asian Houstonians between the ages of 18 and 24, and is focused on fostering a deep understanding of the socio-political systems that impact their daily lives. We do this by inviting local leaders, organizers, and educators participate in roundtable discussions and share their knowledge with participants on a wide range of topics. In addition to offering daily workshops, trainings, and fun activities for participants of the institute, we also provide an in-depth workbook of readings and resources.

    Some of the topics this curriculum covers include:

    What is social justice?

    What is intersectionality?

    Colorism and Social Hierarchy

    Diasporic identities across generations (dual identities, sense of belonging)

    Intersections of race, religion, class, gender, and sexuality

    Local politics and community leadership skills

    Oral histories and archiving

    Gender-based violence, recognizing unhealthy relationships

    Building healthy minds, bodies, and relationships

    The Movement for Black Lives and the South Asian community

    Community organizing

    Immigration and migration


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