I am from Ilaben and Narendra Joshi
From the Western coast of Indian Peninsula and Southern California from fertile plains and earthquakes
I am from tex- mex and spices; rice, daal, vegetables, roti and the unforgettable mouthwatering sweets.
I am from needles, cuts, and scars. From race against time to double miracles.
I am from family quality time to daily chores through and through. From diversity, hard work, and hope.
I am from “We had no hopes for you” and “Education is a must” and “It’s time to get serious, or all the good guys will be taken”
I am from Brahmin but wine, chicken, and egg, and from judgmental, greedy, dominant.
I am from kitchen set, rechargeable red jeep, and Cinderella
I am from “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustaini (at heart I am an Indian), “Scars to your beautiful”, hopeless, determined, and built.
Lastly, I am from “the dead one” to the unstoppable.


~ Gayatri “Genny” Joshi

I am from Arshad Matin and Shazma Aziz.
From South East Asia and Northern India.
I am from America’s lime flaming hot cheetos and Texas’ mouth-watering honey butter chicken biscuits.
I am from 9 o’clock curfews and frequent scoldings. From money is happiness.
I am from “that dress is too short” and “make your parents some PG Tips chai” and “you better marry a nice Muslim boy.”
I am from kindness and acceptance toward everyone but judgement about what designers Desi aunties are wearing and from attention-seeking confused Desi teens with “special friends” living double lives.
I am from Diva Stars, Tamagachis, Neopets, and That’s So Raven.
From President Obama, Drake, and 9/11, I continue to unveil my hybrid identity as an Indian-American woman.


~ Aisha Matin


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