“SAYHU, for me, is an experience that continues to last. Never have I participated in such a wholesome and thorough exercise of vulnerability, solidarity, care, and inspiration. There was a sense of community that I’ve always found lacking in my life, and with that came the safety and courage to share my own stories. I was part of a group of smart, passionate, and kind students, and together we explored our own identities and lives and connected it to society at large. I was exposed to teachers, guides, activists, and artists who all allowed me to find conviction in my own abilities. Social justice was something that I’ve always felt strongly about, but never before did I feel equipped to actually pursue a life of advocacy and activism. After a week of reflection and instruction, I feel as though I came out prepared to reconcile inner conflicts and take on societal issues in a way that I never have before. I now find strength in my identity as a South Asian and as a Houstonian, and I couldn’t be more grateful to SAYHU for opening my eyes to that.” 

– Akhil Jonnalagadda